Well, Duh: Miami Has Fourth Worst Commute in America

There are certain things that studies and data analysis don't really need to tell us, like, for example, that the commute-time traffic in Miami is pretty horrible. Yet, whenever these scientist or mathematicians or data-obsessed journalists tell us something we already know, and perhaps rank it, we feel validated. "See, I told you our traffic sucked more than yours," we might say to our friends in other cities slightly smugly, even though we're practically bragging about something that isn't actually brag-worthy.

With that in mind: look, some analysis says Miami has the fourth worst commute in America. and The Street report that Miamians have an average commute time of about 26 minutes, and that we spend 47 hours each a year delayed in traffic.

We also spend on average $215-a-year on gas, and $276-a-year on other car expensive. Which actually isn't that high compared to other cities.

Though, all this together puts Miami in the 87th spot out of the 90 cities surveyed for best commute. Or, if you will, the fourth worst.

The rankings take into account both cost and wasted productivity. Only Dallas, San Jose, and Houston ranked worse than the 305.

The analysis found that Eugene, Oregon, has the best commute in America.