Tampa Bay Times Will Totally Read Your Porn Tumblr and Tell Everyone About It

Tumblr is the social network for bored and lonely people to instantly indulge in every base urge, anxiety and whim. Upset at your boss? Reblog an image of Britney Spears rolling her eyes and affix a pointed caption. Feeling insecure? Post a scantily clad picture and watch the notes roll in. Feeling horny? Troll the porn tags.

So, obviously the story of Desiree Henegar, the CFO of the Hernando County school system, is the greatest nightmare of about 50 percent of the Tumblr community. The Tampa Bay Times, the biggest newspaper in the state of Florida, totally Tumblr-stalked her and put her on blast with her boss and its readers.

Back in March, Harding, 47, opened an account on the micro-blogging site and started posting under the name of Floridagirl46 (its since been deleted, and it appears someone else has scooped up the name and started a new blog).

Harding appeared to gravitate to the XXX side of Tumblr, and refereed to it as her "sex blog." She posted sexually explicit images. Some that were apparently of herself.

Though, The Tampa Bay Times adds that in addition "her pages include mundane details of her daily commute, vacation plans and criticism of her boss."

Like a lot of Tumblr users, she couldn't stay away during work hours.

"Why do I open tumblr at work? For the love of God, someone tell me why I do this!" she wrote underneath a picture of a shirtless man.

"Damn! Why do I look at pictures like this at work? Damn!!" she wrote with a picture of another man's penis.

Yep, girl was reblogging porn at work. The Times found multiple posts that were time stamped during work hours. Which is probably something you shouldn't do in general, especially when you work for a school board.

Though, there's no indication whether Harding was using an office computer, or, for instance, using her own smart phone to access Tumblr.

That, combined with her criticism of her boss and complains about work spelled her doom, and The Tampa Bay Times took her dirty Tumblr secrets public.

"That's my own account," she told the paper. "I'm going to go ahead and delete that account right now. I don't want that to be public information."

Superintendent Bryan Blavatt, the boss Harding frequently criticized, tells the paper that the school board had received an anonymous tip about the Tumblr, but hasn't been able to substantiate it.

Other school board members contacted by the paper were apparently hearing about it for the first time.

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