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Skrawberry's Guide to the Best Sex Toys

You know Miami stripper Skrawberry for her rap skills, her political commentary,

and of course, her sexy moves on the pole. Now, you'll also know her

for her sound advice. In this weekly column, Skraw responds to readers'

questions about life, love, and beyond. Got a question for Skraw? Hit

her up at [email protected].

Dear Skrawberry,

I just got out of a relationship, and I'm single and loving it mostly. But sometimes you get an itch, and no one is around to scratch it! I always depended on men to get me off before, but I don't want to depend on anyone anymore. I don't know much about sex toys. So can you suggest some sex toys for a single lady?

Riding Solo


First of all. I love sex. If there is ever the need to get off asap, I will pull out my vibrator in a heartbeat!

Don't get it twisted -- no toy of any kind will ever take the place of the real penis. I very rarely use my dildo unless I'm involved in the sex act with a guy. (Toys in the bedroom is a plus for me, but we only use the toy on me.) When I use my dildo, I wrap it in a warm washcloth prior to use. And bein' that I only use silicone dildos (they feel more real than a regular plastic toy), the warmth makes it feel real.

You can also try the dildo and vibrator at the same time. Sometimes you just have to have emergency penetration!

Another toy I have, which is my personal favorite, is my butt vibrator. It's a butt plug that vibrates! It's also made of silicone. It's in the shape of a cone that starts out small and expands at the end. And it has a finger handle so that it won't get lost. I also use that in the bedroom. It's for the butt, but it also works as a vibrator from the inside -- the guy can also feel it, and yeah, he will like the feelin'. Whenever I use it, I probably have the best orgasm ever. It's like my whole pelvic area is vibrating! Only problem is, sometimes the guy can't hang -- probably because it's a feeling that he had never felt before. But you two will feel the same thing.

One more tip: When I masturbate, I prefer to close all windows, doors, and blinds. In some weird sense, I don't want the heavens watching me!

Sex toys can get you off, but don't ever give up on the real thing. Don't ever believe that a toy can take the place of a man. Imagine when you're done with masturbating, after you came -- do you not want to feel someone wrapped around you? Sometimes you need to hear that heavy breathing from a masculine figure right before and after you cum. Besides, you don't plan on bein solo forever!


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