Five Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Miami

We all know celebrities love Miami. You're guaranteed to see a least a handful of them mingling at the beach. They come in droves during any holiday weekend and hop on the snowbird bandwagon the minute the fluffy white stuff hits the ground in New York City.  And while we hate to admit it, we know the 305 is awesome and having A-listers love it too just makes it that much better.  Having people like Lil Wayne, Ricky Martin, and A-Rod call Miami home too? Well, that's just icing on the cake. Still if there's so many famous folk in town, why aren't you rubbing elbows and knees with them everyday? Because you're not hanging out at the right spots. Here are the best places for celeb watching in Miami.

Prime One Twelve
There are plenty of steak houses on Miami Beach. Yes, many of them are great and all, but none compare to Prime One Twelve. Not only is the food truly amazing, but every celebrity and their mother eats here. You have your Miami citizens like Gloria Estefan, of course, but just last week we spotted Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez, and President Bill Clinton eating there. Oh wait, and lets not forget that Chad Ochocinco was there that same night. And that was on a Thursday!

To catch your favorite people in everything from music to sports, try to sit towards the back. To really get the best view, get a table as close as you can to the private dining room.

Cheeseburger Baby
Can't afford Prime One Twelve? Yeah, we can't either. Your next best option is the oldest cheeseburger joint on SoBe, Cheeseburger Baby. There is a reason Beyonce is there everytime she is in town and why her hubby Jay-Z shouts them out on 96.5 as his "favorite place in Miami." Because the food is freaking good and we mean real good. It is the place to catch hip-hop royalty, especially on holiday weekends.

Just New Years Eve night, we caught Big Boi, Meagan Good and the famous Urkel there. Everyone from Kanye West to love birds Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade like to eat their meat there. Some like to munch out at their diner-like counter, but you can also catch A-listers eating back in their patio to get a little privacy after a hard night at the club.

We know, this is an obvious one. Every celebrity possible has partied or passed out there. Even President Obama hosts events there. But if you hear through the grape vine that a celeb is there, we know just where to catch them. Check out the front two tables at LIV right by the stage, the basement of Gotham Steak, or the back pool right by their tiki bar. That is where we found Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian celebrating their girlfriend Simone Harouches bachelorette party. True story.

The Webster
Every time you go on vacation, most people like to eat, play, and shop. And yes, celebrities do too. The ultimate place to shop in Miami is most definitely The Webster. It has some of the most gorgeous clothes you have ever seen and it's one of the only stores in America that carries things you can only get in Europe (therefore, celebs love it because it saves them a trip overseas to get their overpriced goods). While you can catch them there most weekends out of the year, head there during Art Basel or anytime during Fashion Week and you're guranteed to see everyone from reality stars to Hollywood icons. A highlight for us had to be when we caught Kanye West there with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, who was shopping in a thong bikini.

Mac's Club Deuce
If you're a local, you know it as "The Deuce." And if you're not a local, there is a good chance you have never heard of it. In operation since 1926, we beach boozehounds love it because they have a 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. happy hour, no dress code, and no velvet rope. While you might leave there smelling of beer and cigarettes, we have seen everyone from Matt Damon to Kate Moss and her mama there. During South Beach Food and Wine Festival this place is always popping. Guy Fieri was spotted there less than sober. To catch your favorite celebrity at Deuce, head there late night. It's the perfect after-hours bar.

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