Miami's Five Best Pub Trivia Nights

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When it comes to pop culture, there's no such thing as useless information. Sure, that part of your brain that stores the names of all five Golden Girls could've been used to cure cancer or invent a time-travel machine. But without it, you wouldn't be nearly so impressive to your friends on pub trivia nights.

Whether you're the music nerd who's well versed in genres from Bossa Nova to The Spice Girls, or that freaky savant who actually retained the information they were taught in eighth grade American History class, your trivia skills can come in extra handy at a boozy trivia night. They also make you one of the lucky nerds who win free bar tabs, free food, and even cash. And even if you don't score any swag, there's still no better way to unwind from the job you hate, the classes you can't stand, or that hair-pulling traffic on I-95 than with some healthy competition. So study hard and round up your most quick-witted friends -- we've rounded up Miami's top five trivia nights.