GQ Ranks the Webster Fourth Best Indie Men's Store

Who knew they even ranked independent men's fashion stores? But they do. And The Webster is number 4 in the country, according to GQ Magazine. But whereas independents movies are usually shot on a shoe string budget, mostly by unknown directors and featuring even less famous actors, independent fashion stores, at least the kind highlighted on the GQ's list, well, let's just say they're not exactly secondhand stores catering to low income schlubs like you and me.

The Webster, located at 1220 Collins Ave. on South Beach, is the kind of place where the Kardashian's call ahead so they can open up early and avoid the paparazzi--and no, that's not a hypothetical situation.

The Webster has 20,000 square feet of retail heaven for the upper

crust of South Beach shoppers, says John Lin, head of communications for

shop. The GQ honor is particularly gratifying since The Webster

is known mostly by the fairer sex. "Though we are known for

women's fashion we are evenly split with men's fashion on every floor,"

he explains. They carry everything from casual to ready to wear to

dressy items. The private ownership of the shop means they have

specially designed items by big names designers exclusively for The

Webster. We're talking Tom Ford, Margiela, Balenciaga, A.P.C. , Neil

Barrett and a bunch of other designer names we never heard of but who we

imagine stylish people know.  

If you didn't even know what used

to be The Webster Hotel was even a fashion destination you can be

forgiven. It's not the type of place that is looking to draw the masses

(Banana Republic is just down the street for them.). No, the Webster

draws clientele who have drivers and if that's too much of a bother,

then they may go to you for a fitting or styling or whatever else you


"Basically we'll do anything for a client," says Lin . "If

you're in town for weekend and are going to gala but can't come in we'll

have someone in the sales staff take a selection to you." If you do

want to shop at The Webster, Lin says you'll sit in luxury while items

are brought to you as you sip champagne. Think Pretty Woman but more pricey. Just last week Kanye West and Usher dropped by and made the "sales staff very happy," says Lin.