Holy Spirit Enters Baby, Ends Up on YouTube

Look, the last time we had a good time at church, our parents were having us baptized. And sure, maybe we went to a Catholic high school, but there was nothing holy about it. There were alcoholics, potheads, sexual deviants -- and that was just the faculty -- so needless to say, our views on organized religion and the ideal Christian are mad skewed. 

We turned down the Holy Ghost, opted for good karma, and focused on being great people rather than Christ crusaders. We subsequently earned liberal arts degrees at college. Figures. But maybe we would have loved Jesus a little harder if we had kick-ass Christian Rock to bliss out to. Check out the below video to see the Holy Spirit move this toddler into a funky, transcendental state. Yeah, we shivered too.

At the 15-second mark, bible baby shoots her parents (presumably) a glance as if to say: "Are you done filming this stupid YouTube video yet? I'm tired of being exploited and balancing myself on this cushioned chair. My tiny right arm feels like it's going to fall off. Dammit mom and dad, listen to me and stop speaking in tongues!" 

The power of Christ compels you. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! Happy Halloween, y'all.