Hugo Chávez Greeted as Movie Star in Italy


The last thing the world needs is Hugo Chávez's ego to get even bigger. Unfortunately, Venezuala's president might have been the biggest diva to walk the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival this past weekend. From the Telegraph:

Mr. Chavez, who was accompanied by 50 bodyguards, played to the crowd, throwing a flower, touching his heart, and, at one point, taking a photographer's camera to snap a picture himself.

Chávez was accompanied by director Oliver Stone, who was premiering his new Chávez documentary, South of the Border.

No word if the film is as good as that other doc debuting this fall about a loved-by-some, loathed-by-others, iron-fisted "dictator": The September Issue

At least Anna Wintour didn't show up to her premiere with 50 bodyguards. 

Attached above is the recently released trailer for the film.