Ring the Wedding Bells! Five Miami Venues for Same-Sex Weddings

Miami's never been closer to having same-sex marriages legalized. Over the course of a few weeks, three Florida judges, including Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel, have struck down the ban on gay marriage. Judge Zabel stated that the ban "offends basic human dignity" and violates the promise the 14th Amendment gives of equal protection under the law.

With legalized same-sex marriage making strides, some couples have probably already started planning their dream weddings. And we predict that most Miami wedding venues will be just as happy to host legal gay weddings as they are to host more state-unsanctioned declarations of eternal love between same-sex couples. But some have more cred with the LGBT community than others.

But if you're in the dark as to where to start on your wedding planning journey, here are five gay and lesbian-friendly suggestions.