Billboard Made of 120,000 Pennies Now Hovering Over I-95

Short on rent this month? There's $1,200 in cash hovering over the highway at I-95 and 143rd Street. The catch? It's all in pennies -- 120,000 of 'em, to be exact.

The pennies make up a billboard/publicity stunt, courtesy of Tampa-based Zeno Office Solutions, promoting its "Penny a Print" program.

Keith Roher, VP of Sales for Zeno said it was one of about a dozen ideas dreamed up during a brainstorming session with ad partner Schifino Lee. They determined this labor-intensive tactic would be the most "innovative and eye-catching" of the lot. Indeed.

To clue Floridians in to the company's deal, the copper riches were shined and glued (by hand) to 12 specially reinforced four-foot panels by a team from CBS Outdoors.

Miami is the second test market for the national campaign (Tampa was first). The board went up on August 1, and Southbound drivers will be able to spot it.

Customers who sign up for the program get a Hewlett Packard printer (with a counter), toner, parts, labor and service for a penny a print on a month-to-month basis. That's an okay deal, we suppose, but why go to the trouble of strapping 1,000 pounds of pennies to some pieces of wood?

"The office automation and printing industry is very competitive," Roher said.

(So we've learned from watching The Office religiously.)

"We wanted to distance ourselves from being the 'typical copier company,' where the only method of procuring capital equipment was either to lease or purchase," he added. This program requires neither.

Mission accomplished: this stunt is definitely not typical. And as long as the sun bouncing off those pennies doesn't blind anyone behind the wheel, Zeno Office Solutions can glue as many pennies to our city's billboards as they like. Hell, no one else uses the things anymore.

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