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Super Scary Movie Night Goes Psycho with Theremins

Question: What's free, black and white, and has awesome written all over it? Answer: The Super Scary Movie Night, an evening of retro horror flicks and surreal soundtracks. Tomorrow night, artist Kevin Arrow and Barron Sherer will screen freaky Super 8 mm films -- some from their own stash and others checked out from the library -- while a lady trio plays some wild instruments.

Sherer, who admits a lot of the night will be impromptu, says the films include The Mummy, Psycho, Son of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Birds, and that tacky '80s film Warlocks (trailer after the jump). But instead of watching Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh mope around the Bates Motel for 109 minutes, you'll get the film's digest version, which jumbles all the gory, stabby bits up against each other.

At just 10 or 15 minutes each, the predigested films no longer include

much dialogue so you won't miss any plot points when the live soundtrack

starts. Ana Mendez will provide eerie waa-waas with an actual, bonafide

theremin (that wacky instrument with antennas that emits sounds

according to the player's proximity. Hear someone play the Legend of

Zelda theme on one here). Nicole Martinez will do some circuit bending

to provide tiny, scary sounds, and Beatriz Monteavaro will add some

banging drama with drums. The night will be like watching a

dozen horror flicks while on speed in a theater where the organ has

been commandeered by space aliens -- and that's a good thing.

See Super Scary Movie Night tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. at the End

(818 SW 4th Ave., Miami) The event is free. Visit the facebook page.

If you're having trouble finding this pop-up venue, look behind the Papa John's. Find Parking on the street around the corner.