The Reality TV Gods Come Calling Again; This Time They Want Your Crappy House

Detroit has cars. Los Angeles has movies. Pittsburgh has steel. Miami has... reality show stars?

Since the advent of reality, we've played the backdrop for some truly appaling television. Miamians who think they can dance have recently been ordered to file into the Adrienne Arsht Center on January 18. And now Extreme Makeover: Home Edition just sent us a press release announcing it's looking for a Miami family.

It's tough to make fun of the show because, you know, they make poor people's shitty houses nicer, although Riptide does have a standing offer to punch host Ty Pennington, who resembles a high-on-meth juice-bar employee, in the face.

Anyway, in the wake of the recession, Extreme Makeover's producers should have no problem finding residents with sad stories and dilapidated single-family homes. If that's you, follow these instructions:

Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to: [email protected]. Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community. Each nomination must include the names and ages of every member of the household along with a description of the major challenges within the home. Anyone submitting a nomination should be sure to explain why the nominated family is deserving, heroic, and/or a great role model for their community. If possible, include a recent photo of the family. All nominations must include a contact phone number. The deadline for nominations is January 31st 2010. But, the sooner we receive your nomination the better.