Tapebombing in Wynwood: Miami Artist Johanna Boccardo Sticks It Wherever She Wants

Remember the 2000s, when crafty hipsters expressed themselves by "yarnbombing" trees, signposts, and other public objects? Artists like Olek have elevated the practice of covering strange things in knitted or crocheted yarn to gallery-acceptable heights, sure. But in general? Yarnbombing is, like, sooo ten years ago.

Tapebombing, on the other hand? That's just getting started.

We noticed the "tapebombed" building in the photo above last week in Wynwood. At first, we just thought it was funny, especially with the "bomber's" response to a notice warning that the property is in violation of city code: "AND NOW THAT IT HAS BEEN TAPEBOMBED, EVEN MORE SO!" But an online search for "tapebombing" revealed that this wasn't just a random attack. It's the art of Miami artist Johanna Boccardo.