Art Basel 2013: Artist Carlito Dalceggio Fuses Buddhist Dogma and Disney

The Ricart Gallery's newest location is planted firmly in the heart of Wynwood's Art District. The walls are a bright white, and positioned neatly at the front windows -- as well as the roof of the building -- are two Pinocchio statues painted by artist Carlito Dalceggio. Some might remember Dalceggio's 2011 Art Basel exhibit, also hosted by the Ricart Gallery, titled "Death of Lies."

Now, Dalceggio is back in Miami once again for Art Basel and imagining all sorts of new creations with a hint of Disney magic for his "To Set Fire in the Heart of the World" exhibit. Instead of Pinocchio, this time Dalceggio is experimenting with Mickey Mouse's head and Buddha's body.