Dimensions Variable Celebrates Five Years of Unexpected Outsider Art

It's almost the new year, and the floor of Dimensions Variable gallery is covered in banyan branches. The remains of its Art Basel exhibit burst through the far gallery wall and stretch across the floor in all directions. Part of artist Fabian Peña's "Death of a Printed Story" exhibit, the tree grows into adjacent walls, while twigs fan out across a floor of magazines and newsprint shaped like tree stumps.

Gallery cofounder Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova says this is the type of art he likes best: experimental, unorthodox, and not even really resembling traditional art. "I'm always looking for things that are talking about what's happening in the world in a non-art way," he says.

The idea of a tree stretching in all directions and breaking through walls is an apt metaphor for Dimensions Variable, which will celebrate five years of experimental exhibits in Miami with the fundraiser Eat Drink Support Art: Dimensions Variable Turns 5.

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