Martin Lawrence Talks in Spurts Before "Doin' Time" Show at Knight Center

Martin Lawrence: (noun) A funny motherfreaker. Ex. "Dude, he went on all Martin Lawrence on that bitch. It was hilarious."

Some people know him from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. Others are familiar with classics like House Party, and Blue Streak. Most are familiar with his hit show Martin, which is still in syndication. Martin Lawrence has been making the world laugh for a long time now, and our moneys on him doing the same when he performs at the James L Knight Center on Saturday night. We asked him a bunch of questions by email, but surprisingly, the comic who is responsible for loudmouth Sheneneh Jenkins only hit us back on some of them. (We had to send the questions through a PR rep, so we don't know if Martin actually ever saw them.) Check out what he did and didn't answer after the jump.

New Times: What subjects do you talk about in the Doin' Time Tour?

Martin: You will have to come out to hear about all of it, but some of the things I touch on are current events, politics, fashion, relationships sex...

Why are shit jokes funny?

Because everyone does it, everyone shits - doesn't that sound funny for some reason? And it's true.

Has racism gotten better or worse since your last tour? Is there such a thing as "better racism?"

[No response]

How does it feel for the Martin show to still be relevant?

I was the hip hop comic of that era,  the show is timeless and has topics that to this day still are relevant, it's now playing on MTV, MTV2, and all sorts of places finding a new audience while still available to the people who came up with it. It's good to know the show is and was special to people.

How do you like Miami?

Miami has some serious nightlife, beautiful people, amazing hotels and restaurants; you can't really go wrong, it's a sexy place to be.

Memorial Weekend on South Beach is a huge party that pisses off a lot of (white) people because around a quarter million (black) people come down and party. This year, police unloaded a hundred rounds on a car and shot each other and all kinds of crazy shit. You have an opinion?

Runteldat had some good Bin Laden jokes

Funny you should say that, I reference it in my current show...

White people of Miami are different than in any other  part of the country, but I guess stilll basically the same, you got any jokes special for us?

[The crickets even stopped making their crickety noise for that question]

Any shout outs?

Check me out on Facebook - it's the only social media site I have, if you follow Martin Lawrence on Twitter, you ain't following the real Marty cuz I am not on there.

What is your best punch? You still boxing?

[He didn't respond. Maybe he didn't have a best punch]
No disrespect, but, pretty damn sure a lot of people want to know. Did you get it on with Lisa Turtle from Saved By the Bell? (according to Wikipedia, at one time Martin had something going with actress Lark Voorhies on Saved By The Bell)

[No response]

Martin Lawrence's Doin Time Tour will be at the James L. Knight Center (400 SE Second Ave., Miami) at 8:00 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost $55 to $75. Call 305-416-5977, or visit

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