Fred Snitzer Says Urn Smashing Was "Crap," Calls Máximo Caminero "A Disgruntled Wacko"

Máximo Caminero's self-described "performance art piece" has pissed off a lot of people. His decision to smash a 2,000-year-old urn -- painted by Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei and put on display at the Pérez Art Museum Miami -- enraged everyone from local artists to Ai himself.

But Caminero's most strident critic is probably Fred Snitzer. The veteran gallery owner vented to New Times over what he called Caminero's "tantrum."

"This guy is off his rocker completely," Snitzer said. "It's stupid. If he was protesting PAMM, he could blow up PAMM. But what the hell did this artist do to him?"

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