Virgins Get in Free to See My First Time at Area Stage

Melanie Barkely
Shira Abergel talks about her first time.
Much like sex, the internet is a microcosm of the spectrum of human emotion. In a medium where sharing is the rule, some seek unity and connection while others nurture lonely wounds in a vacuous space of anonymity. Back in the pre-blogging days of 1998, provided a risk-free space for anybody who carried around the memory of their first sexual encounter and wanted to store it on a collective shelf to garner recognition. It scored immediately as more than 40,000 individuals shared stories of their first angst-ridden or hilariously awkward or sad and criminally disturbing sexual encounters.

My First Time, the play, seeks to bring that interactive virtual world into the theatrical space, without removing the mix of simultaneous voyeurism and anonymity that made the website a hit. The audience is asked to fill out anonymous questionnaires about their first times and responses are tallied and posted on a screen in the background as actors recount a selection of diverse tales pulled from the site in an effort to shed light on the varied universal emotions tied to sexuality.

The Area Stage Company production is the Southeastern premiere of the

successful off-Broadway play by Ken Davenport, who also produced Altar

Boyz and created The Awesome '80s Prom. "I think his choices are

excellent because (the play) really features a beautiful cross-section, a

myriad of experiences. Some very sexy, some silly, some erotic, and

others really profound," says director John Rodaz. "It's really

universal and in this country there's so much attention put on your

first time. What I found is that there is a little bit of me in all of

these stories."

Still not convinced you need to see it? In a dubious website poll, 100%

of responders reported hitting the sheets immediately after seeing the

play. That might make it the most scientifically-proven perfect date

night choice of all time. And it's one of the few life scenarios where

even virgins get lucky. On Saturday there will be a certified hypnotist

on hand to interview those who make the claim to sexual inexperience.

Pass the test and you attend for free.

My First Time runs Fridays and Saturdays from October 1st to November

6th at 8 p.m. at Area Stage Company (1560 South Dixie Hwy., Coral

Gables). Tickets cost $10-$35. Call 305-666-2078 or visit