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Tough Love Miami's Steve Ward Calls Us To Clear His Name

Just in case you haven't been keeping up, we have had a crazy couple of weeks. It all began when we were given the task to review Tough Love Miami on Vh1. We thought all was over when the reunion ran on December 18th. Oh, but how wrong we were.

Since then, we have had not one, not two, but three different members of the Vh1 cast call us personally and speak their mind. First it was Jane, then came Avonte and now, host Steve Ward.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Miami's own Jane Castro about the fact that she had been practically cut out of the reunion. In our Q&A, Jane informed us she believed Steve was the most fake person of them all. While she may have been kidding, Mr. Matchmaker himself didn't think it was funny. And he called us to tell us exactly what he had to say about it. He also gave us some dating advice, so single ladies, you're welcome.

New Times: From my understanding, you have read my articles with the ladies from Tough Love.
Steve Ward: Yes. I took issue to a comment you published that Jane had said.

Which was?
That she had said I was fake during the reunion. The fact of the matter is that I was in front of an audience. I was hosting a reunion show. In Tough Love, I am coaching the woman; I am not performing for a room. The cameras are almost like flies on the wall. It's a little frustrating when she doesn't understand the challenge for me personally. When I am doing the reunion special, I am not an actor. It's not my occupation. It was challenging for me.

I mean, no one enjoys being called fake.
It was disappointing. I expected a little more from her.

Why exactly was her hot seat segment cut?
Ultimately, Jane wanted to promote her song and her music. What took place between her and Allan was more of the same. They continued to have the same problems they had had before they got to boot camp. It didn't seem like something worth revisiting. We only had so much time in the episode. In order for us to include that, we would have had to cut something out. Also, I don't have final cut. It's not up to me. So I don't know why she would take that out on me.

Is it true that she had a boyfriend the entire time?
Yeah, we didn't find that out till the middle of the season. My understanding is that she had never really seen the show before coming on it. It was kind of surprising to me that you wouldn't stop and look at what you were getting yourself into. I mean, I would have. It was just really surprising.

What were your thoughts on Tough Love Miami as a whole.
As a whole, I thought it was terrific. I think for the people at home, a lot of challenges people are currently going through were shown. It's a thing I would recommend that people do to get the best results if they are in those situations. The women served as terrific guinea pigs this season.

Can you give me any hints of what is to come for next season?
I can't tell you where, but it's going to be singles. The cast is great. I think it's going to be awesome.

I would to pick your brain. What do you think of single girls in Miami now that you taped Tough Love here in South Florida.
I think what is taking place here is what is happening in society in general. With respect to Miami, it's a little bit more superficial. Its kind of difficult to find depth. I think it has to do with information technology. My goal is to help people adapt to the changing times with respect to dating.

What is your best piece of advice for single girls.
It would be that you are competing with other women for a man, so don't take it out on other women. You have to be able to help the guy see the value of being with you versus being without you. Make sure those are his options. You are either with me, or without me. Women sometimes let themselves be trapped in this purgatory of relationship hell, in between dating and openly seeing other people and not the commitment they would like to be in. That is only because they let themselves go into that purgatory. They have no one to blame but themselves.

What is the best first date outfit?
Just something that shows what kind of body you have. It doesn't need to show skin necessarily -- it just needs to show what the body looks like, so they can imagine what would be behind the clothes.

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