Central's Friday Night Lights, MAM's Thom Collins , The Social Network and Dan Savage Assures It Gets Better

It's almost October and that means one thing--the invasion of those silly Dolphin and Hurricane banners stuck to car windows by South Florida's angry motorists. Luckily, the Fish and Canes have gotten off to decent starts so road rage incidents are likely to drop. But if talk of pigskins and fantasy football draws a yawn in front of the water cooler, you're in luck because South Florida's culture season also gets going in October. Virtually, every cultural institution starts its season in the next month or so.

But who are we kidding? Football still reigns supreme, especially at Miami-Dade High Schools and more specifically at Miami Central High, the nation's No. 2 ranked high school team. Staff writer Michael E. Miller tells the story of how Rocket players are counting on the football to escape the mean streets of Liberty City in "Ghetto to Gridiron." So long as they win, of course.

After the Friday night lights fade, you'd be wise to check out Night and

Day listings where you'll find a voyeur's dream in the shape of Ellen

Harvey's "The Nudist Museum," which drops its pants starting Saturday at

the Bass Museum .

Also be sure to check out Carlos Suarez de Jesus's interview with Thomas "Thom" Collins,

Miami Art Museum's new director. Here's a snippet of what he said about the Miami art scene:

Like many people in the art world, I know Miami principally as a visitor

to Art Basel -- and in my experience, that hasn't been the best way to

get a sense of the richness of the local arts scene. So I was really

knocked out by the "New Work Miami" exhibition currently on view at MAM.

There is a variety, critical and formal novelty, international

perspective, and uniform quality to the art in the show that would do a

larger city with a higher profile proud. This is really promising and

suggests to me that there is potential for a much more dynamic

relationship between MAM and Miami-based visual artists. Our new Museum

Park facility will also allow us to collaborate more actively with local

artists working in time-based arts such as film, dance, music, and

theater, and I'm a big fan of interdisciplinary work.

Once you've gotten your fill of art, you can go back to more base

pursuits--like stalking high school sweethearts on Facebook. Speaking of

which, Film Critic J. Hoberman gives his take on David Fincher's The

Social Network. Read it for yourself and determine whether you "like" or

not before going to see the flick.

This week's New Times print edition ends with a somber note but one filled

with promise for the future. Dan Savage, the master of masturbatory

prose in his Savage Love column writes about another couple of young gay

kids who took their own lives after being bullied. Savage had enough of

that shit and launched a YouTube channel called "It Gets Better," where

individuals tell there story of perseverance and eventual victory of

homophobia. Check it out: