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Restored Hitchcock Classics Kick Off Year at Gables Art Cinema

Because January is the dumping ground for mediocre Hollywood movies, Coral Gables Art Cinema is kicking off the year with a series of classic films that will remind cinephiles what great movies are. Few directors have had the lasting influence of Alfred Hitchcock, known for his masterful use of the cinematic language of suspense. And Gables' curated series of films features some of the master's best-known work.

"This is the first week of the year, and we pride ourselves in playing the finest first-runs, but I think everyone should be well-versed in cinema history, and I think it starts with the classics," notes Coral Gables Art Cinema program director Nat Chediak. "I saw that Hitchcock's films were being restored, and I felt that perhaps there's no other single filmmaker that deserves to be looked at in a theatrical setting more than the Master of Suspense."

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