Art Basel Miami Beach

Highlights from Scope Art Fair 2009

We know Art Basel wrapped up five days ago, which translates to approximately two decades in "blog time," but that's one of the problems with covering an event like Art Basel for a blog isn't it? The pressures of a non-stop deadline doesn't give you the luxury of digesting what you've seen, and there's so much to be seen that there's no way, unless you forgo sleep and adopt some serious stimulant habit, that you're going to be able to blog about it all. 

The other problem with covering an art fair for a blog is that your mindset more often than not makes you gravitate to the big, exciting, "blog worthy" works, which doesn't necessarily mean they are the most worthy in the eyes of, say, critics, curators or collectors. 

Though, at Scope Art Fair this year we're pretty sure that the best works were the blog worthiest works. In fact, if you think of Basel as a hastily-put-together textbook on the state of contemporary art, than Scope might be the blog equivalent. Most of the work is colorful, pop culture-obsessed and brash. Like a blog, it's responding to the moment. Who knows how some of these pieces will hold up, but for right now, it's exciting. 

AJ Fosik The Third Way Out, 2009 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Ironically enough, we first came across AJ Fosik's work on the blog FFFFound and it was practically the first thing we saw as we entered. He cross references taxidermy, folk art (most notably Mexican) and a distinctly modern color palette.