Lewis Black's Hard Rock Show Canceled

With all the recent holiday goodwill and merriment, we thought we'd found the perfect antidote in tomorrow night's Lewis Black show at Hard Rock. But it looks like you'll have to find your hilarious well of vitriol somewhere else. The modern-day grinch's show has been canceled.

We will surely miss Black's vein-popping outrage. As he vents, "A republican stands up in congress and says 'I GOT A REALLY BAD IDEA!!' and the democrat stands up after him and says 'AND I CAN MAKE IT SHITTIER!!'"

But the bad news gets worse. Not only has this highly-anticipated comedian's show been canceled, he's been replaced by someone who is perhaps the most hated person in showbiz today.

Who's that? Jay Leno. We're still not over how this chin monster crapped

on our late night hero Conan O'Brian. We think you should all show up wearing

ginger beards and brandishing your Team Coco tattoos.

Tickets for the show, which range from $44 to $104, can be

purchased at the Hard Rock or through Ticketmaster. And tickets for Black's

performance will be honored. But if you find the Leno replacement as undesirable

as we do, you can try asking for a refund from wherever you scored a