Fountain Tonight: Nazi Space Program, Weapons Dispensers and Fab 5 Freddy

Last year the Fountain Art Fair raised eyebrows when a crew of scruffy performance types rolled a car onto the lawn inside which a couple engaged in steamy sex acts before collaborators demolished the vehicle with sledgehammers and set it ablaze.

 The performance was presented by Brooklyn's Grace Exhibition Space and the spectacle was typical of the antics Fountain has become known for. Tonight you can expect similar pyrotechnics promise organizers culminating with a performance by hip hop and graffiti legend Fab 5 Freddy to crown  the evening on Fountain's courtyard stage.

But during the press walk-through yesterday, Fountain was considerably quieter inside. Earlier in the day artist Meghan E. Van Altsyne drew attention when she scampered across the lawn with a bunch of eggs inside her skirt dropping the eggs through a crack in her panties until the shattered shells and runny yolks spilled across the lawn reminding one of a santeria sacrifice.


At the fair's entrance New York's Dave Tree was selling prints riffing on the Nazi space program at prices actual wage slaves can afford at the fair's Murder Lounge. In fact much of the work on display at Fountain is accessible to most anyone and often under the $500 range.

Unlike the other tent pole fairs in Wynwood, Fountain, boasting 28 spaces in a cavernous warehouse, is considerably laid back -- you can talk to most of the artists showing work at the stalls. This year, though, many of the bigger installations we've become used to seeing in previous editions were missing from the show. Here are some of the highlights we came across: