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Tough Love Miami's Jane On Why Vh1 Cut Her Out of the Reunion

If you are anything like us, you watched this season of Tough Love Miami every single week ... and you recapped it every Monday morning to relive the glory. So, when the finale came on December 11th, we were more than pleased to find out that for the first time, Vh1 was bringing all the ladies back for a reunion. Were they all still together with their beaus? Did they go back to their hot mess ways? We knew all would be answered. And then we watched... and it wasn't.

Yes, we caught up on what all the ladies were doing with their lives --

except one cast member, and perhaps our favorite. If you watched

closely, everyone was put in the hot seat and grilled by Steve one last

time. Everyone but Miami native, Jane Castro. What the hell happened? We called her and found out.

Cultist: So, what were your thoughts on the reunion?
Jane Castro: My thoughts on the reunion was that it was complete BS. What really happened that eight-hour day was so much better than what they showed. It should have been a two-hour special but instead it felt half-assed, and it went way too fast. The audience wants to know what really happened, so let's show it to them.

 What happened to your hot seat segment?
I have no f-ing clue what happened to my hot seat segment. Lets just say I guess it was too much a "Jane show."

Were you upset when you saw that it had been cut?
Yes, I was upset. At that moment I was with friends at the viewing party at the Lords South Beach hotel and all of  a sudden it was like, "WTF? Oh, ok, Vh1 is going to see what Jane Castro is really all about." So I started Tweeting and Facebooking, "Thank you so much Vh1 Tough Love Miami for cutting my hot seat moment out because now everyone is talking about me." My Twitter page blew up with tweets from fans wanting to know what happened.

Why exactly do you think they cut you out?
I think I got cut out because it started to sound like a "Jane show." I think that I was a crowd favorite and, of course, I worked the audience. I gave them what the audience wanted to see. I promoted my music career and I don't think the show wanted that. Either way, Vh1 did me a favor.

Here is what everyone is wondering: Are you and Allan still together?

Allan and I broke up in July. The relationship changed for a bit, then it got to the same again. I am the type of woman that wants a man to stand by 100 percent, lets me be, and is spontaneous and fun. I get bored easily, and I live a very entertaining life, and the man I am with has to be part of it too. I can't deal with the stereotypical guy watching football on a Sunday. I am not that type of girl. I'd rather head to Nikki Beach, if you get my drift.Speaking of Avonte -- is it true her relationship with a married man was the guy from Boyz  II Men?
It is true about Avonte's relationship with a married man being with the guy from Boyz II Men. It's all over the Internet.

Do you think anyone was fake on the reunion?
Steve. Kidding, Steve is a great guy. But his mom is my favorite Ward.

Now that it's over, who were your BFFs from the show?
Michelle. She and I talk every other day ever since the show has been finished. I stayed at her place both times in LA. She and I are going to remain close. We had a moment that's going to keep us friends forever.

Leilani is crazy. She and I can have a really dark sense of humor going on. She has her fabulous clothing line which she lets me borrow all the time. Claudia is super-sweet and we talk a lot over Twitter and the times we have seen each other in Miami. She is always working and busy being a mom.

Avonte, lord. Let's just say if Avonte called me and said she needed my help I would be more than happy to help her out. Now let's say if I called her for the same, I would still be waiting for the help. It's just I make myself the better person at times, but Avonte and I make good TV.

Anyone you were glad to be away from?
Cheesy as it sounds, we are a good group. We can all be in a room together and of course there might be drama, but we can all still be in the same room together and keep it kosher. At times I do miss all the girls.

Still glad you did it?
Of course I am glad! It made the stepping-stone to my music career and my career in show business. I am very grateful for Vh1, Tough Love Miami, and I am very proud of everything that was shown of me on the show.

Vh1: Love em or hate em?
I love Vh1! When are we going to start filming my own show?  

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