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Why Does My Husband Need to Dress Like a Woman During Foreplay?

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Dear Mistress Lera,

My husband wants me to dress him up as a woman during foreplay. I am not easily shocked, but to be honest, his request did startle me a little. Why would a man in his mid-30s want to dress up as a woman all of a sudden?  Don't get me wrong, I don't judge people who like to cross dress. I am just curious to know what motivates them to do so.


Dear M,

Ok. Your husband is trying to spice up your sex life and you are complaining? So what if he wants to do so by dressing up as a woman? What is wrong with being a woman at least for a day? You do it on daily basis, and you don't see your husband writing letters asking sex columnists what motivates you to dress up as a girl. And please, don't tell me that you are not easily shocked. That is utter and total bullshit. If you weren't shocked by your husband's request, you wouldn't have sent me this letter. 

As to why some people like to cross dress, you should ask  cross-dressers. There are numerous reasons why some people like to wear clothes of opposite gender. Some do it because it's fun and kinky. Others because they want to be like other gender. Or someone could cross dress just to shock other people.

And you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have seen some drag queens that look more fabulous than any woman I know, and it's awesome. Sometimes I wish I could walk in huge heels as good as my cross-dressing clients. 

You should be happy and absolutely flattered that your husband wants to be a woman for a day. It's not easy being a chick. You have to wear heels, your panties must match your bra, and you have to wear make-up. You should be proud of your husband for wanting to try something new.

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