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Cheaterville Founder Says Repeat Cheaters Are Selfish and AshleyMadison Is Moronic

If you are an avid reader of Cultist (as you should be), you caught our interview with creator Noel Biderman last week. According to him, at one point or another, everyone in this world cheats. So we got to thinking: There's no way everyone is an adulterer, right? Right?! Ugh, maybe they are.

If someone cheats on you, expose that bastard on a new site, Cheaterville, an online database of those who have trouble with fidelity. Since February 2011, the site has become a haven for

bitter spouses looking to put their slutty loved ones on blast. Oh, it's also how Jesse James got caught publicly cheating on Kat Von D.


to truly figure out if's creator is just nuts or if

everyone is as horny as we think they are, we called's

creator, James McGibney.