92. Jessica Gross

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Courtesy of Jessica Gross
92. Jessica Gross

If confronted with the accusation that we at the New Times have a bit of a crush on Miami comedian Jessica Gross, we would be hard pressed to deny it. Gross's sharp wit and deft stage presence puts her not only in the top league of Miami comedians, but would allow her to hang with the big shots in cities that conventionally are considered to have stronger comedy scenes than our own. That said, we're the clingy type and are not above begging you to stay here forever, Jess.

Gross has a quality that often takes comedians entire careers to develop: a connection with her audience that goes beyond normal rapport. She doesn't rely on the raunchy, deliberately provocative jokes that too often define female comedians. Rather, the gender-transcendent appeal of Jessica Gross derives not only from the quality of her jokes, but from it's content.

Gross kills at clubs like the Improv or National Lampoon's just as easily as she does in restaurants, indie record stores, and seedy bars

At the core of Jessica's act, there is honesty and self-reflection in her material that eludes other comics. She's not afraid to delve into her failed first marriage, body image insecurity, and job displeasure. Gross can be seen performing around South Florida, often in affiliation with The Have Nots of Comedy outfit.

1. List five things that inspire you.

-Adult Halloween costumes that are just slutty versions of kid costumes
-Old ladies who wear men's perfume

-Social improprieties

-The thrill of performing

-Oh, and Vodka. I draw a lot of inspiration from vodka

2. What was your last big project?

My stand-up comedy is a constant project. It's always evolving and always challenging.

3. What's your next big project?

I'm currently producing an original web-series called "The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant." It's an ongoing project about sex and the people who have it, written and directed by Andrew Hevia. He's a brilliant, creative mind and I'm thrilled to be working with him (it helps that we're also dating, but that's beside the point). We're releasing episodes as we create them, so I recommend liking us on Facebook or heading straight to as quick as you can.

4. Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I can't imagine doing anything else. And I have no other marketable skills. I'm kidding. You guys hiring?

5. What's something you want Miami to know about you? What's something you don't want Miami to know about you?

I'm not from the Mid-west and all my parts are real.

I need subtitles.

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