A Pair of Nuts, Drunk on National Fame, Try to Bring Back Powdered Wigs

There's nothing quite as unsettling as a pair of nuts in a pink thong. Well, nothing except two pairs of nuts in two pink thongs.

Miami comedy duo, A Pair of Nuts, bravely showed America their man parts while appearing on VH1's Money Hungry. The sketch duo -- Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco -- traffic in humor that smells distinctly of Dade County. It's loose, unpretentious, smart, and most importantly, it's goofy. Miami folks know not to take themselves too seriously, but, at the same time, not be too stupid about it. A Pair of Nuts are bringing this kind of funny to the nation.

Deez nuts will perform at Area Stage tomorrow and Saturday to celebrate a successful year of national TV appearances: MegaTV, El Vacilon (where they claim they had "the opportunity to introduce the Spanish audience to something they've never seen ... funny."), and Comedy Central's Tosh.0. We talked with the jokesters to see how they felt about powdered wigs.

New Times: You guys are passionate about one subject that most people

don't seem to think a lot about: powdered wigs. Can you tell us a

little about your campaign to bring back this antiquated style?

A Pair of Nuts: The fact is that retro is in, and what is more retro than powdered wigs? Besides bacteria, nothing else really. Powdered wigs have style, they have grace, they say, "That gentleman has class and I wanna hang out with him." Imagine being at a happy hour where everyone has powdered wigs on and a beer in hand, or being at a wedding and the entire church, including the priest, has a powdered wig on. The only word I can possibly think of besides awesome if this were to happen, is awesome.

When this 18th-century fashion trend makes a comeback, will the return of the powdered wig also involve minimal showering?

Wait, people shower on a regular basis?

What color would each of your wigs be? White? Blue? Would your wigs have pigtails?

We'll start off with the traditional white and as the trend catches on, we'll introduce other colors. We don't want overkill. Please don't rush us. Stop it. You're making us nervous. And yes, they will most certainly have pigtails with a little bow on them. It's the only way to go.

Why did you choose this fascinating subject to dedicate your energy toward instead of like world peace or hormone-free meat?

Good question, girl with two first names, and the answer is simple... world peace and hormone free meat are fictional, powdered wigs ARE REAL. We want to tackle REAL issues and we believe that with the re-introduction of these gracious headpieces, we will classy-fy this world. But we can't do this alone, the Nuts can only do so much. Stand up with us world! Let us unite as one! Return the powdered wigs to their rightful place, OUR HEADS!

The shows will take place at Area Stage (1560 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami) at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $20 or $15 with FIU or UM ID. RSVP online at Call 306-666 -2076, or visit