If You're Ever Attacked by a Mega Piranha, Be Sure to Master the Bicycle Kick

How amazing can a basic cable movie about giant mutant piranhas starring former teen pop star Tiffany and The Brady Bunch's Barry Williams be? Syfy's upcoming Mega Piranha seems pretty amazing!

In the recently released teaser clip below, there is a lot of "blah, blah, blah" for a while, but once you make it past the minute mark, you can see a man bicycle-kick his way out of an attack from a dozen poorly computer-generated flying mutant fish! We know! Then it gets even better. Just watch.

Plot is the least important thing in these kinds of movies, but apparently the film is set partially in Miami and the rest of Florida, and a bunch of Amazonian mutant pirahnas attack people. Glenn Garvin promises "a piranha the size of an elephant leaps out of the ocean to devour an entire Miami Beach apartment building." Also, did we mention Tiffany is in it?

Amazing! It premieres April 10 on Syfy.