Pepe Billete to Host National XM Radio Show

It's official, y'all. Pepe Billete's gone national.

The Cuban puppet with a mouth like a sailor speaking Spanglish is no longer just "Miami famous." He announced on Twitter this afternoon that XM satellite radio has offered him his own national sports talk radio show.

P$ told New Times he's still hashing out the details with XM, but he could confirm that:

  • The show will focus on sports, but Tio Pepe will have leeway to address other subjects
  • It'll be a show blending English and Spanish (much like Billete's New Times columns)
  • The title of the show is, appropriately enough, Pepe Uncensored

Pepe couldn't tell us an official start date, only that it's a couple months off.

"It'll be me just talking shit and doing whatever the hell I want," Billete told New Times. Because it'll be aired to a national audience, he'll "have the opportunity to talk about other teams [than Miami teams]."

But don't think Tio Pepe is abandoning the 305. XM plans to begin promoting Pepe Uncensored in Miami before anywhere else, he said. And he's committed to hiring Miamians to work beside him on the show as interns.

Plus, a key component of Pepe Uncensored will be taking phone calls, which P$ said he hopes will come from Miamians. "We're gonna do a lot of phone calls," he said. "I want to have a dialogue with motherfuckers."

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