"Latina Seeks Thug" Turns Craigslist Personal Ads Into Hilarious Artistic Commentary (NSFW)

When was the last time you checked your local Craigslist personals? The slightly sad messages often written in broken English are somewhat artistic in themselves, but what happens when an artist sets out to turn the bottom-feeding outlet into meaningful exposition?

The result is gross and hysterical. Duh.

What started out as a joke for 27-year-old Marilyn Rondón is now a thoughtful, offensive, and definitely hilarious exhibition at the Little Haiti Country Club. She posted a Craigslist personal ad titled "Latina Seeks Thug," the rest of the message being "to make a baby with."

What possessed the tiny, tatted woman to do such a thing?

"I was in the car with a friend," the DASH graduate says. "I moved to New York for the past eight years, and then moved back down. It's totally different dating down here, meeting people. It's slim pickins.

"I was joking with her like 'I just want a thug,'" she continues. "I'm also working on a children's book, babysitting, and spending a lot of time with kids, and it turned into a conversation about how I really want to be a mother one day."

When she said the words "I just want a thug to have a baby with" out loud, a light bulb went off, and Rondón had a feeling the responses to such an ad would make a killer zine. She wrote up the ad, including her real information but as of yet no picture, went to sleep, and forgot about the whole thing.

She woke up to 40 emails and a handful of dick pics.