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H.O.W.L. Does Hippie Chic at Shop the Webster

The idea of peace, love, and rock'n'roll is still alive -- at least you can harness it around your neck. Miami designers, Tini Courtney and Jason Masik, have channeled their passion for nature into a collection of jewelry inspired by Native American designs. Their line, H.O.W.L., is full of character and hot enough to take you from a campfire to the club. Think metallic dreamcatchers adorned by rare gems and bullets. Between them and the hippies of Time Peace, who knew South Florida had such a crunchy, granola design aesthetic?

The inspiration for H.O.W.L., which stands for, "Handle Only With Love," came from the pair's love for nature and desire to create positive energy in their work. When you talk to the designers, you definitely get the idea that these two are serious about a few things: art, fashion, nature, and connection.

Courtney and Masik designed their line around the idea that everything is universally connected. They share a real passion for creating individual, personal work for clients. "I really enjoying making custom pieces and having a relationship with the person who's buying it," Courtney tells us.

The jewelry is created out of eclectic material, including stones and some recycled materials. They collect rare stones and trinkets from around the world to create the pieces. Each item has a special name and explanation for the energy and element connected to it. One of their signature pieces are the detailed dreamcatchers. One called the "Dinanath - Protector" is meant to bring strength and protect the owner from bad dreams. It contains turquoise, tigers eye, and bullet casing.

Hannah Montana herself (yes, Miley Cyrus) and Victoria Secret's model Alessandra Ambrosio both own H.O.W.L. dreamcatcher pieces. And the duo's broken bullets necklaces are popping up all over Miami. Look for them at the Shop the Webster and Soho House.

-- Joy Taylor