CBS Picks Up "Miami Trauma"

CBS certainly knows what it likes, and that's hour long drama procedurals staring all sorts of masculine archetypes like crime scene investigators, Navy detectives, and FBI agents. You can add South Florida trauma surgeons to that long list. 

Our corporate cousin Nikki Finke reports that CBS has officially picked up Miami Trauma for the 2009-10 season. Besides casting, not all that much more is known about the show since we reported on the pilot back in March

It's a Jerry Bruckheimer production (the same mega-producer behind CSI: Miami, and the upcoming Cocaine Cowboys series) so don't expect it to be a touchy, feely doctor show in the style of Gray's Anatomy. The pilot stared Jeremy Northam, who plays Sir Richard More on The Tudors, and a bunch of relative unknowns. Like most series set in Miami, it won't likely be shooting here.