Sex Tips From Chippendales Boys

Sex can be hard. The exchanging of body fluids is never an easy thing to swallow.

Need a hand? Things like social lubricant (in the form of booze) and actual lubricant (KY jelly) turn things up while dialing awkwardness down. Are you going to be trashed for every sexual encounter though, just to make things go down (and in) a little smoother? That's not sexy, at least the guys from Chippendales don't think so.

In celebration of their extended stay in Miami at Mansion, which starts next weekend, and Valentine's Day of course, the Chippendales fellas have shared a little more with us than just the tip, so you don't suck, except for when it's appropriate. We got throat deep with them, talking top sex tips, best and worst dates, and what they look for in a partner.

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