Art Basel Miami Beach

"Auto Body" Takes On Gender Inequality in the Art World (NSFW)

As long as there is human expression in art, there will be problems with art. Humanity is filled with contradiction. People love and hate. They can create and destroy; they can inform or withhold. There is the desire to express and impress. Art created and consumed by such beings is rich in duality, feedback, and contradiction. Consider the idea of capitalism and gender and you will find more ideals to rebel against or celebrate.

Auto Body, the new exhibit produced by Spinello Projects, calls profound attention to art exhibition and its contradictions as much as it subverts the idea of the exhibition. From December 4 through December 7, the group show will unfold alongside Art Basel Miami Beach as both a protest and a conceptual art experience of profound merit. Fundamentally, it seeks to make the spectator think as much feel while denying the idea of commodification. Textually, much thought has been put into the work by a group of curators and artists who span several generations but are all women.

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