Christian Slater Bought a Coconut Grove Home for $2.2 Million

Christian Slater hasn't given up on you, Miami-Dade County.

Sure, you screwed him out of participating in the electoral process last November, when he waited in line on Election Day only to discover the vote he eventually cast wasn't counted. You even misidentified him as "Christina Slater." What, haven't you seen True Romance? Are you too good for Heathers?

But if Slater's latest real estate purchase is any indication, he's going to let it slide. The actor recently bought a home in Coconut Grove for $2.2 million, the Daily Business Review reports.

The property at 3618 St. Gaudens Road dates to 1928, DBR reports, but it has some very modern amenities, including a pool that can be both heated and chilled (only in Miami, y'all), an enormous-looking kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a steam shower. The home measures a relatively modest 2,971 ft., with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The sale is good news for Coconut Grove, and not just because there's a better chance of running into an honest-to-god movie star at Mr. Moe's. The last time the house was sold was in August of 2011; back then, the property fetched only $1.8 million. So either property values really are recovering in South Florida, or Slater's a terrible negotiatior.

We're guessing it's the former. Could you argue with this face?

Yeah, didn't think so.

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