Transit Antenna Launches with Carnival Fundraiser

Tom Hollingworth, his wife, and two kids are about to launch a trip across the continent on a retro-fitted Greyhound fueled by solar power and vegetable waste. And Miami's art community is sending them off with a carnival fundraiser.

Hollingworth, the founder and editor of ARTLURKER, plans to travel from hamlet to hamlet during the next several months. He intends to engage the communities he encounters in arte povera-style projects and workshops, including off-grid technologies and sustainability. He also plans to narrate his creative eco-sojourns on Transit Antenna, his website dedicated to the ambitious mission. Tomorrow at noon, Transit Antenna's County Fair-like send-off will unfold at the Design District's Palm Lot (140 NE 39th St., Miami) where many of Miami's contemporary artists will converge for the rollicking bus bon voyage.



The "Fun Fair Fundraiser" will feature rides, carnival attractions, games, a freak show and an eclectic lineup of local performers.

"Each vendor, stall, attraction, ride etc at the fun fair will require tickets just like a real county fair," informs Hollingworth. "Tickets will be on sale from a booth on site. In addition, there will be an information booth at the bus at where you can learn about the project, donate towards specific materials, make a pledge, even get your or your company's name on one of our tires. We are all about making connections between people, art and low impact living and we want our community to get behind us," he says.

Hollingworth adds that the recruitment of artists to create attractions and perform was an obvious choice. "In the short time we have lived in Miami we have had ample opportunity to be thankful for some amazing art related events. Miami is blessed with a glut of talented artists who don't take themselves too seriously and see the value in sustained and ever broadening dialogues. Our event will cater to all ages and creeds."

"During the day the line up for the stage will consist of an eclectic mix of family friendly performers. In the evening and into the night Augurari and Roofless Records have booked dynamic emerging musicians native to Miami. Expect to be amused and entertained, come wanting to be involved and don't be surprised if we shock you."

Artists involved in the event include: Farley Aguilar, Clifton Childree, Jason Hedges, Justin Long, Ana Mendez, David Rohn, Tatiana Vahan, Agustina Woodgate, Christy Gast, Jesse Jackson, and Viking Funeral among others. All funds raised will go to keep the bus and art projects rolling.

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