For Leading a New Times Tour, "Porn King" Gets Banned From Fisher Island Offices

This week's New Times story "The Golf Porn Incident" is a saga of soiled throw pillows, butt-focused putting, smut for a buck- and some very angry, but equally tight-lipped, Fisher Island officials.

Apparently, unwittingly renting your condo to a Bang Bros. porn film crew can go a long way in pissing off status-obsessed neighbors.

In my reporting, I took an impromptu jaunt with irate-guy-whose-life-was-ruined-by-golf-porn Raul Quintana through the exclusive residential enclave's management offices. I didn't say three words; I just watched the fireworks explode -- including Fisher Island Community Association CEO Mark James telling Quintana he "would rather shoot [himself] in the head" than live on the island he represents.

Oops. Needless to say, the island executives were not happy when they were told of that scene making the story -- and three days later, Quintana's lawyer received a letter banning the condo-owner from ever entering the management offices again. If he does, the Community Association will get a restraining order against him.

For those keeping score at home, Quintana is now banned from entering the Fisher Island Club, renting his three multi-million dollar condos, or visiting the island's management offices. All because Devon Lee hired a Viagra-addled dude named Tony to be her golf coach. After the jump, check out the warning sent to Quintana's lawyer.