Carolina Garcia Aguilera Tells of Lupe Solano's Comeback at Books & Books

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It is Friday, September 24, 8 p.m. at Books & Books in Coral Gables. Author Carolina Garcia Aguilera is pacing around the bookstore noticeably nervous. Smiling politely she greets her fans, most of whom religiously follow her writing. Just like the author, the readers are anxious. After all, they're here to witness a resurrection. Lupe Solano, a sassy private eye is brought to life after being shot two years ago in Bitter Sugar.

The crowd starts cheering as Aguilera takes the stand to announce Solano's big comeback -- complete with a twist, a Bloody Twist. Lupe's off-and-on lover Tommy MacDonald, a criminal defense attorney is once again in dire need of Lupe's help in a case involving Miami's highest paid virgin escort Madeline Marie Meadows.  Ms. Meadows asked MacDonald for help after Miami Homicide Detective interviewed her, suspecting that she is behind the murder of two men who Ms. Meadows knows quite well. MacDonald has his suspicions of this innocent looking beauty, so he asks for assistance from his long time partner Lupe to help him solve this debauched mystery.

Aguilera finished writing Bloody Twist, the seventh of Lupe Solano series in February of this year, but instead of publishing it the good old way, Carolina decided to give e-books a try. Many fans however were not so happy with that decision. They much preferred turning pages of a real book. After receiving many letters, Carolina decided that it was time to whisk Lupe out of her virtual digital world and put her in her original format. A quick self-published paperback of Bloody Twist was rushed out to please the fans, and their satisfaction was very obvious at the reading. They cheered and clapped as Carolina told the story of Lupe Solano's big return. Everyone in the audience, from young to old was über-excited to see the private detective back on bookstands.

The idea for Bloody Twist was born after Aguilera met a SoBe pimp in a local gym. She listened to his fascinating stories about his working girls (who the pimp provided with the dental insurance -- beautiful smiles are important for this business). She then decided that it would be fascinating to see her most cherished character Lupe solve a crime involving a sex worker. And it's indeed a very fascinating book. It's simply a must-read for those who love mysteries, murder, and hookers.