Twelve Girls of Bikini Basketball: Miami Spice's Jache Sharnise Irvin

If you love bikinis, basketball, or women who get into both, Christmas has come early for you this year. The Miami Spice Bikini Basketball team has chosen its roster, and we're serving up photos and interviews of 12 of its newly named members. Consider it our Christmas gift to you.

Jache (ja-shay) Sharnise Irvin is a baller. No, literally. The Indiana (Go Hoosiers!) native has been playing b-ball since third grade, in addition to playing volleyball and running track through middle and high schools.

Raised in Detroit, Irving is the oldest of three. Maybe that's where she learned to temper her competitiveness. "I am very competitive when necessary. I love performing to the best of my ability and looking good. I'll do what it takes to be the best."

The Barry University freshman says she isn't sure what position she'll be playing at, but "Hopefully as a small forward, that's my comfort zone. If they have me somewhere else, I will do my best to adapt to that position."

This music and dance major believes her role on the team is that of mediator. "I think I will play the 'peacemaker' role on the team. I love making people smile and I hate conflict. The team sees me as a goofy person; I'm one of the two youngest on the team so they see me as the baby as well. But they can always count on me to bring happiness to the atmosphere."

Don't get it twisted, though. She's not all sugar and spice. Irvin counts aggressiveness as her biggest strength, saying "I hustle hard and get to where I need to be. Very important in this sport." Hopefully that will translate into her being a defensive powerhouse for our Miami Spice.

She says she's working on her confidence on the court, something that many young, talented players struggle with. "I know what to do and how to do it -- I just need to be more confident."

With all the sports she participates in, it's no wonder this fly girl doesn't need to hit the gym to stay in shape. "I don't diet, do extreme work outs or anything. I run every other day for 30 minutes. Fifteen minute ab workouts and squats."

Santa, are you there? Irving has a special request. "I would like Santa to bring Chris Brown to my doorstep, on one knee, with a huge ring asking me to marry him. I love that man," she laughs. "He doesn't need Rihanna!"

>From your lips to Santa's ears, child.

Catch Irving and the rest of her team when Bikini Basketball games start in 2013. Follow the team on Twitter @SpiceMiami

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