Art Basel Miami Beach

Your Basel Guide to Basel Guides

T minus one until Turkey Day, but the true date of anticipation is still a week away, Art Basel's kickoff -- December 2! There are events popping off from the Gables all the way up to Aventura, and if you think your head is spinning from all the Facebook invites clogging up your inbox, imagine how we feel. A wise man, whose name we forgot, once told us that the only way to deal with a lot of work is to, er, get working. SO, we've compiled a few lists of the must-hit events during Basel. They're all works in progress, so checking back would be great for your weekend and awesome for our pageviews so refresh, refresh, refresh!

Click here for music and parties.

Here for alllll the galleries, festivals, and free wine fests.

And here for a frequently updated resource of breaking news, even more events, and exclusive interviews.

There's no way that you'll get to them all, so check back with us after it's all over for recaps and slideshows that'll make you regret getting blazed and couch surfing the entire weekend, bro.