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Frost Science Museum Unveils Construction on Martini Shark Tank

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...shark?

That's right, in a little over a year you could be looking up and see the underbelly of a shark leisurely swimming over your head. No, Sharknado isn't real and scientists haven't invented a hybrid shark that can fly, but architects over at the Frost Science Museum have designed a structure strong enough to house nature's badasses.

Earlier this week, the Frost Museum unveiled the newly cemented tank that will be shaped like a martini glass and serve as the museum's centerpiece.

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The massive aquarium is filled with over 1,200 cubic yards of concrete -- that's roughly 120 trucks full -- and will contain 500,000 gallons of salt water when completed. The Gulf Stream tank will be open at the top, here's hoping the sharks don't learn to jump.

According to the museum, "The tank is now prepared to support over 4 million pounds of sea water and... SHARKS! Complex in its conical shape, inclination and suspension, as well as a 30-foot diameter oculus at the bottom of the basin, the shape is energy-efficient and ideal for sharks as there are no sharp corners, maximizing the cruising surface while reducing the amount of water."

Check out the time-lapse video shot over a period of exactly 24 hours, 48 minutes, and 59 seconds while the cement was being laid. The large eye in the center makes the skeleton of the tank look like Darth Vader's Death Star...coincidence? Maybe.

Located next to the Perez Art Museum Miami, The Frost Museum of Science is currently slated for a summer 2016 opening.

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