Art Basel Redux: Adderall Marilyn, Suicidal Hirst On View Again at Unix Fine Art

One man freed his soul from the prisons of Italian master painters four years ago. One man paints in ribbons and straws and paces by the phases of the moon. One man hijacks Los Angeles billboards to challenge the inane system.

All three are featured in an exhibit that made its debut last night at Unix Fine Art in Wynwood. Attendees who made the rounds at Art Basel's last edition surely recognized several of the pieces, including fabric-like portraits and gooey-looking oversized Blow Pops, among the works that lit up the walls and floors of the intimate gallery space.

Artists Andrea Sampaolo of Italy, Alexi Torres of Atlanta, and Desire Obtain Cherish of Los Angeles were all present at the private preview last night. We had a chance to chat with each to get a sense of their creative processes and intentions.