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Ain't It Cool News South Florida Film Critic Billy Donnelly Allegedly Fired For His "Brutal Honesty" UPDATED

While you were clicking 'like' on that photo of your cousin's ugly baby, Billy Donnelly was busy getting fired through Facebook.

Donnelly was until recently known as The Infamous Billy the Kidd, South Florida editor of Ain't It Cool News (spoiler alert: it ain't). He doesn't want to insult his former boss, Harry Knowles, who sent Donnelly a Facebook message "at two in the afternoon saying that I was out and good luck with life." Donnelly's reluctance may be because, as he tells Cultist, he has "been trying to maintain the high road, even if there is no getting around the way I was dismissed and that how it happened kind of says it all."

UPDATE: Ain't It Cool News has responded to this story, denying Donnelly's claims. We've added more information after the jump.