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Bad Girls Club Miami Reunion Part Two: Perez Hilton Finally Loses His Mind

Another Bad Girls Club Miami reunion has come and gone. Wow, what a ride.  What a drunken, slutty, violent ride, right? Last night's Part 2, much like the first, was truly epic. Our favorite little convict made a serious appearance again, and Morgan came back ... for a little bit at least.  How are we going to live without these hos every Tuesday night? But at least season six is on its way soon.

The highlight? Cat came back! Even though she's in the big house

now, she brought it big to the house last night. It's kind of shocking

that Cat and Kristen are such good friends. Talk about ebony and ivory

living in harmony.

This should really be called the Lea and Kristen Hate Each Other and Here's Why show. They really have some heat. Which makes us think -- there is no way that their beef is just  the fact that they think each other is fake. What happened that they aren't telling us???

There was also a lot of lesbian action: Brandi breaks down lesbian lingo: Lady Loving 101, if you will. Then they finally explain the threesome between Lea, her gal pal, and Danielle. And Brandi calls out Danielle for being the whore of the house and she didn't even deny it. What does that say about Danielle? I guess the nickname "Dirty D" is pretty appropriate.

Morgan comes back like a serious case of herpes. For us, she was the highlight of the show. She quit the reunion just as quick she did the show.  How great was that extra footage of her going nuts in the production room?  Do we think she is hot or looks like a tranny? All we know is that the bitch needs to get off the cigs and get a fucking attitude check fast. Well, she might need to get a place to live first.

When Lea talks about SoBe, it was freaking amazing. Because it's kinda true. Anyone who lives on South Beach knows that even though you might not know your neighbors, you know of them. If Morgan hasn't been seen shopping at the local Publix, been seen at Deweys right off West or been seen walking home drunk, more than likely she doesn't live around these parts. Well, from what they say, she doesn't live anywhere, so who knows? All we know is Lea says Morgan is from Connecticut, so stop saying your from Miami, because you aren't anything the ladies of Miami want to be a part of.

The baddest Bad Girl fight of the entire season finally goes down. Just as Lea is getting pulled of Kristen (for the 100th time), Erica, like the dumb bitch she is, decides that while no one is looking would be a good time to jump on Kristen. And lucky for us no one lets it slide, especially Cat who immediately pulls Erica's hair to get her off.  Wow, that was the definition of a real girl fight.

This program really makes people loose their shit. For some reason, it just cracks them, and at the end, Perez finally lost his mind. The King of Media talks some serious shit on Lea, but I mean, what was her deal during the reunion? Wonder what Miss Lea has to say about being covered in silly string? And then like the queen he is, he gets seriously involved in the ladies drama and starts taking sides.  He even starts throwing Ikea furniture. Brandi was so proud.

What we learned through it all: Danielle isn't shit -- notice how quiet she got when her crew was gone. Erica sucks. Kristen has the strength to pull out bitches hair from the roots. Lea thinks she's from Hialeah. Brandy got her shit together. Cat makes us wish she had stuck around longer. Christina was a great addition to the show. And who gives a shit about the rest?