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Best of Miami 2011: Best Party Guests

In anticipation of the upcoming Best of Miami issue hitting newsstands June 16, here is a sneak peek at one category and its winner.

Best Party Guests
Jen Stark and Alvaro Ilizarbe

Two of Miami's finest art stars, Jen Stark and Alvaro Ilizarbe, both listed as Miami New Times' 100 Creatives, aren't just a couple of the most talented folks in town. They're also delightfully pleasant party guests. What makes someone a great shindig attendee? Let's look at the qualifications through Jen and Alvaro:

1. Sometimes when people are good, they think they're too good for other people. This is never the case with these two. They're never grouchy and always stop to say hello.
2. They always seem like they're enjoying themselves. There's never a moment when one is weeping in the corner while the other is punching someone in the head.
3. They're the first ones dancing. This is Miami, and you better get on the floor and move when you're tardy to the party.
4. At theme parties, Jen and Alvaro always dress to impress. One Halloween they arrived as dead surfers, complete with detailed makeup of exposed intestines.

A sense of humor and a sense of fun -- this pair will always bring these essential elements to your big bash.

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