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Dexter Season Premiere Preview: Holy Sh*t, What Happened to Deb?!

When Dexter's seventh season came to an end last December, Deb was having a pretty hard time. She'd found out the truth about her serial killer brother. She struggled with feelings of love toward Dexter that weren't so brotherly. And she was haunted by her guilt over killing Captain LaGuerta -- all to save the sibling she loves just a little too much.

Still, this is Deb we're talking about. Strong, steely Deb, a woman who wants to be as strong as she remembers the father she looked up to when she was a kid. She'll have a few breakdowns in private, maybe dull the pain with an ill-fated romantic relationship, and then she'll come to her senses, right?

Wrong. At least according to this sneak peek at the new season:

What the shit, Debra Morgan? You're snorting lines now? In some drug dealer's seedy motel room? And for crissakes -- you're letting him call you Debbie?

With LaGuerta gone, Deb was positioned perfectly for a promotion to captain. But, uh, something tells us that's not what'll happen this Sunday.

You can see the scene again, this time in context, when Dexter returns to Showtime this Sunday at 9 p.m. In the meantime: Deb! Get your shit together, Deb!

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