Miami Parking Authority Giving Out 'Courtesy Citations' for the Holiday Season

Nothing comes farther from the Christmas spirit than parking citations. The ticket waiting on your window hardly inspires peace on earth or makes you feel goodwill toward (see Parking Wars for proof). But the Miami Parking Authority's new program might change all of that, it might even get them on Santa's nice list. For the rest of the month, they're giving out "Courtesy Citations" instead of tickets to drivers whose meters have expired.

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This isn't a new program, it's actually been around for over a decade, but lots of Miamians probably aren't aware of it. It begins on December 17th and lasts through January 1st.

So why do they do it?

"To give back to our customers and to help promote shopping in areas where we have meters," said Rolando G. Tapanes, Director of Planning & Development for the MPA.

Here's how the Courtesy Citations work: "Customers must have paid for a parking session. When an enforcement officer patrols an area and checks, if a customer's time has expired, a courtesy citation will be left on their windshield granting them an additional one hour of parking and avoiding the emission of a citation," Tapanes explained.

According to Tapanes, the program will run in all of the areas in the City of Miami where metered parking is enforced

An extra hour of parking and no ticket definitely counts as charitable giving, so in the spirit of the season, maybe give your friendly neighborhood parking attendant a high five.

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