Dating in Miami: Six Things You're Doing All Wrong, According to Local Expert Nikki Novo

Dating in Miami can be downright daunting, especially for women. From one disappointment to the next, we encounter the wrong types of men -- men rife with fakeness, narcissism, and always, always that one annoying thing that sends us packing. Miami women with the desire to find true love often feel like they need to move to another city, state, or, hell, even another country to find someone they are compatible with.

Nikki Novo -- Miami native and author of the blog the Art of You & Me and an in-the-works advice book -- believes the answer to women's bad luck in love in Miami is never about the city itself. It's an inside job.

"Yes, you're going to meet the same type of guy over and over again, like that guy who has lots of money and finds the need to show it off all the time, or even the starving artist," Novo says. "But as long as you are you and in line with yourself, you're going to be able to spot who's the fake and who's not."